Carbon Foot Print

Carbon Footprint

Pure Dartmoor Water’s Carbon Foot Print is reviewed regularly to continuously improve our carbon foot print on our planet, therefore we:  

carbon foot print
  • Our waters source is drawn from deep under Dartmoor, which therefore gives it the distinctive well balance and high quality.  
  • Bottled daily our customers know they are drinking fresh local water, for instance something you won’t find on the shelves of the big supermarkets.
  • Our Delivery Agents are local who know their areas so they are able to reduce the number of routes and number of deliveries, thus reducing our carbon foot print.
  • We sterilise and reuse each 13 litre, 19 litre and glass bottles.  
  • Once we are no longer able to use our bottles, the plastic and glass are recycled.
  • Where possible all batteries, toner, cardboard, paper, cans and plastics are kept to a minimum and recycled.
  • Lighting, heating, computer and printers are all turned off at the end of each day.

Please click on the link below for ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint